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About Tech city Aarhus

The area of Aarhus has a strong it- and tech environment including tech businesses and startups as well as research and education. The tech environment is only growing bigger every year and in the area of Aarhus it grew with significantly 41 percent from 2014 to 2021. This immense growth has led to an increasing demand for a platform that unites the industry and lies the foundation for networking and co-operation between the multiple tech businesses in Aarhus.


Tech City Aarhus

is the result of this increasing demand. The platform is brought to life through the collaboration between several private businesses, DI Digital, Destination AARhus and the City of Aarhus. The purpose of Tech City Aarhus is to support, evolve and make the tech environment of Aarhus visible through knowledge sharing and networking. Tech City Aarhus will do this by tapping into the existing and former initiatives, while also collecting and coordinating the contributions for them to strengthen the tech environment, the private-public cooperation and the cooperation across the local business environment.



Overall goals for Tech City Aarhus

- To recruite and hold on to tech talents

- To create the ideal foundation for tech startups and scaleups

- To contribute to an increase in competitiveness in the local businesses through digital transformation and the development of digital businesses

- To focus on digital solutions that contribute to the climate change mitigation

To start with we do it through TEC5 events - a number of tech events hosted by the participating tech-businesses. Through TEC5-events the ambition is to strengthen the foundation for development of new and existing businesses and growth in the business, whilst providing the businesses with new and better opportunities for recruiting and maintaining digital talents.

Read more about TEC5 events.



Become a part of the initiative

Do you want to know more about how to join?

Contact Kirstine Finnemann Arendal, Chief Advisor, DI Digital at DI – Dansk Industri, KIFA@DI.DK or Mathilde Schelander Sørensen, Student Assistant, Aarhus Kommune,

Founding partners

The founding partners of Tech City Aarhus are:


Cadpeople, Systematic, Kamstrup, Trifork, Mjølner and Alexandra Instituttet. Supported by Destination AARhus, DI Digital and Aarhus Kommune.