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Tec icon VR Billede




15:00- 17:00

Cadpeople A/S
Æbeløgade 2
8000 Aarhus C

Tec Five-Tec-O-Meter

Therkel Sand Therkelsen, Claus Riekehr Møller, Kristian Andreasen, Mads Troelsgaard and Ege Johan Jespersen

Meet the XR scene of Aarhus

The use of immersive technologies such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR) is increasing across a wide range of industries. Companies in industries ranging from health and wellness to tourism, retail and education are beginning to implement XR in new and innovative ways. And the scope of its use is wide. XR can be used to train employees to handle high-risk situations in a simulated risk-free environment; to create new experiences for customers; to increase brand awareness; to show sporting events and concerts in 360 degrees; to design products before ordering prototypes; to collaborate with colleagues in virtual 3D workspaces.


Aarhus is home to a strong and flourishing tech scene of large companies, startups, researchers and educational institutions. But what does Aarhus have to offer in terms of special skills within the realm of XR? And how may it be relevant for IT companies to learn about? This is what we will discuss when Vision Denmark, Filmby Aarhus, Tech City Aarhus, Realitet and Cadpeople invite you to the event “XR in Aarhus” on 19 December from 3-5pm at Cadpeople.



During the event, you will get the opportunity to meet the Aarhusian tech scene and hear some of the biggest players in the XR industry talk about their journey and experiences with immersive technologies.


Therkel Sand Therkelsen, founder of Realitet and expert in immersive technologies, will contribute with a basic introduction to key concepts such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, the Metaverse and the spatial internet.


Claus Riekehr Møller from Cadpeople will talk about the company's year-long journey with XR. Cadpeople is an award-winning visual communication agency that employs creators of compelling, visual storytelling - i.a. through the use of cutting-edge technologies in digital marketing and digital learning.


Kristian Andreasen from KANDA will present the company's Virtual Training Platform, which enables companies to create complex, real-time, collaborative VR training simulations that can be accessed using VR headsets, desktops and tablets.


Mads Troelsgaard from Synergy XR will talk about their code-free, cloud platform that lets companies design, integrate, sell and support across all XR devices – without having to code.


Ege Jespersen from AATE VR will give us an insight into their SundSim VR solution - A platform that houses a number of full-scale learning scenarios that are used by health professionals in schools, municipalities and hospitals


Sign up for the event here


The event is supported by the Danish Board of Business Development.